Corporate events,
Military Exercise & Operations,
Quick Service Restaurants & Beverage,
Workplace and Home
Vending machine
Bar,pool-side and almost any place drinks are served.

Buy direct from the manufacturer
  Give competitive price and good service from manufacturer
Manufacturer and exporter
  So as to be more useful to you we are widening our range of goods with products exported from TURKEY. VENTEKS is the reputable firms of the sector.
Quality control
  We check every detail in order to offer you the maximum quality at begining of the design and and of the logistic service.
Perfect packaging
  We endeavour to take care over the packaging of our products so that their presentation is perfect, as well as ensuring that your orders arrive without any damage whatsoever at your premises.
We can make double and single sleeve, we can make various piecies in the sleeves and boxes depending on the client request.
Barcode on all products,
  We are guarenttebarcode each sleeves
Right  equipment,
  We are using new model thermoform cups machines
Experienced Technical Staff
  We have been working  with experienced people in order to keep quality and keep producing speed.
Buyer's logo could be printed on box and bags,
  If you order more than 3 containers in a month, we can make private label, you will pay only one times cliche fee,
Venteks main advantages and specialities is custom design, creating special products and tailoring the corporate image expression of a wide variety of clients.
Modern technology and facility
  Our manufacturing building is new and proper to produce cups which comes into contact with food,
Variety of shapes and sizes,
  We have 100, 180, 200, 250, 300, 350, 400, 500 cc. We have been producing clear, white, green, yellow, red, blue and transparent blue cups. But we can make two items in one 40 hq container.
We have been producing glass cleaner, liquid hand soap, diswashing liquid, shampoo, shower gel in various bottle.
High production capacity
  Our production capacity is 40 hq container in a month for cups  and large capacity for liquid cleaning series.
Combination  loading,
  We have been making private label for cleaning liquids and cups.We have been doing combination loading cups and liquid cleaning products, it means we have been using container space effectively.
  Our aim is good service for satisfaction of customer,
If you order small number but various items, not in our production list, we can collect your order from Turkish market, we can make combination loading to 40 HC container, Small number of variety, different products can be collected and load in one container. Integrates sourcing and procurement (and delivery if necessary) with customer satisfaction.