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Emil Saul founded VENTEKS in 2002. VENTEKS is a small, young, dynamic and effective company,Our company goal is to give reliable service support. We are the new growing up company which will try to take place on the big World market. Our intent is to enlarge our market.
With $18 million in global sales, VENTEKS is the manufacturer and provider of cleaning, food safety and plastic products and services for the clients
We have been making private label for cleaning liquids and cups.We have been doing combination loading cups and liquid cleaning products, it means we have been using container space effectively.
If you order small number but various items, not in our production list, we can collect your order from Turkish market, we can make combination loading to 40 HC container, Small number of variety, different products can be collected and load in one container. Integrates sourcing and procurement (and delivery if necessary) with customer satisfaction.

Global Reach
Direct export operations in nearly 31 countries.
-Africa/Middle East
-Latin America
-North America

Venteks, with its headquarters in the Istanbul/TURKEY manufactures and sells cups/liquid cleaning products for which it is company brand or clients brand
Venteks has over 100 clients and exports 90 % of its production. Since 2002, it has also directed itself to the domestic consumer market in February 2007, Venteks opened its 7,000 m2 manufacturing plant at TUZLA, a privileged logistical location, to cover markets in the Europe/Africa/America.
Venteks Plastics began more than 5 years with a simple vision: to become the leading manufacturer of Thermoform cups producing in TURKEY. That vision has been target of TURKEY, and will have been expanded to a global focus.















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